Wrinkle Treatments

The expansion in the range of highly effective products for non-surgical treatment of facial imperfections has helped millions of patients feel and look better without the need for surgery. Mr Blake uses a small selection of the best and safest products to address specific goals.

There are two broad classes of injectible products; the 'toxins' which reduce the appearance of lines caused by over-active muscles, and the 'fillers' which add volume to the face in sites where a little extra is needed.

Restrictions on the advertising of pharmaceuticals prohibit the description of prescription 'toxins' here, but problems commonly addressed include frown lines and crows feet. Toxins are also very effective in treating excessive armpit sweating - hyperhydrosis.

Fillers for the face may be used alone or as part of a comprehensive plan combined with surgery. The most common procedure is lip augmentation but there are many many other roles for strategically used fillers. Mr Blake will discuss your goals with you.


How can under-arm sweating be treated with 'toxins'?

Sweating is under the control of nerves acting on the tiny sweat glands in the skin.  Injectible medication can disrupt this connection making a profound difference to the amount of sweat production for many months after a single treatment.  For people whose sweating is heavy, annoying or embarrassing the change can be dramatic.

Aren't all the effects temporary? How long will it last?

Mr Blake only uses temporary products because only these products are safe from problems including chronic infection and distortion. Most aim to be effective for several months (usually 3 to 12 depending on the product) and may be topped up as they wear off.

Wrinkle Treatments can help in the removal of Crows feet, frown lines and platysmal bands and add volume to your lips and cheeks. Treatment with botulinum toxin, Botox or Dysport, aims to address the problem of dynamic lines or rhytids  Injectibles - Toxins & Fillers.

Treatment with botulinum toxin, Botox or Dysport, aims to address the problem of dynamic lines or rhytids. These are caused by undesirable contraction of the facial muscles which are effectively paralysed by the injectible toxin. Crows feet, frown lines and platysmal bands may be suitable for treatment.

Fillers like the hyalurinic acid based products Restylane, perlane, and subQ, aim to restore or add volume to the lips, cheeks, cheek bones, malar areas or other sites. Injections last several months or up to a year and may be repeated if required. Hyperhydrosis is also well addressed with botulinum toxin.

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