Hand Surgery

Mr Blake sees a full range of elective and emergency hand problems and has extensive experience with hand surgery. Because of their crucial functional role, hands are deserving of time, expertise and attention to detail. The correction of symptoms with the quickest possible recovery and best functional result is always Mr Blake’s goal.

Hand complaints are assessed clinically in the first visit and frequently special tests are needed to complete the assessment. Scans (CT or MRI), or nerve conduction tests can be organised on site at Cabrini. Some problems will require two visits before a diagnosis and plan is agreed upon. Mr Blake works closely with hand therapists who will ensure the best post operative results in terms of movement, the management of swelling, restoration of strength and scar care.

Common conditions in Mr Blake's practice include carpal tunnel syndrome, fasciectomy (for correction of Dupytren's disease), trigger fingers and trauma.  Traumatic injuries including fractures, lacerations, burns and crushing injuries form a significant part of Mr Blake's every-day practice.

Do I need to see a hand therapist?

Your hand therapist is a crucial part of the treatment team and often the most important individual in producing a smooth post-operative recovery. Time spent with the therapist aims to teach patients how to manage their own recovery from stiffness and discomfort and to get back to work and other activities quickly.


How much time will I need off work?

Hand surgery can be a real interference with many people’s occupations and require time off work and modified leisure activities. Many office based workers will be back at work the next day but still be restricted by the need for dressings and elevation. Conversely some operations or injuries may prevent some patients from performing crucial parts of their jobs for 6 or even 8 weeks. Mr Blake will discuss this with you so that you and your employer are informed and prepared.

Can I drive?

Hand injuries or operations will usually produce an ‘impairment’ in the eyes of the law and insurers which means patients must not drive. The length of time this ‘impairment’ lasts is partly predictable and Mr Blake will discuss this with you.

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Mr William Blake

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