Breast Reduction

William Blake offers breast reduction surgery carefully tailored to the individual aiming to reduce symptoms of shoulder and neck pain, intertrigo (infection in the skin fold under the breast) and breast discomfort while attending to aesthetic size and shape. Breast reduction surgery can make an enormous difference to women of any age and is one of the most popular body contouring operations.

Many women are troubled by symptoms produced by their heavy breasts including neck and shoulder pain, skin irritation in the fold under the breast and pain in the breasts themselves. Mr Blake sees women of all ages who are interested in understanding how breast reduction may help them. It’s always a big decision, but studies have revealed that satisfaction with breast reduction surgery is higher than almost any other operation.

Over at least two consultations Mr Blake will assess your particular situation, talk through your options and answer all your questions. A few of the commonest questions are answered here.

What technique is best and do you use it?

Breast reduction can be done in a number of technically distinct ways. Mr Blake believes that it is foolish to think of any one of these as being ‘the best’ and that an operation needs to be tailored to every individual. In doing so he employs a variety of ‘short scar’ and ‘anchor pattern’ techniques depending on the situation

What will my recovery be like?

Most women are in hospital for two nights after a breast reduction. You will go home with a dressing in place and transition into a soft bra at the first review appointment. Most women take it pretty easy in the first week or two and they may feel some soreness. Office based workers may want to resume work after two weeks and more hands-on workers around four weeks. This timing varies from woman to woman.

Can I breast feed after a breast reduction?

The short answer is not reliably. The surgery will damage some milk ducts so if breast feeding is particularly important to you, wait until after you last child is weaned. That being said, althought some can't, many women do breast feed after a breast reduction

What size is right?

Mr Blake will spend time discussing size. While there are some limitations, your goals will set the target and fine tuning will allow for pre-existing breast asymmetry in size or position.

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