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William Blake sees patients in his office at Cabrini Hospital. Plastic surgery has a proud and established tradition at Cabrini. For over thirty years there has been a continuity of practice here which Mr Blake joined in 2007. Our reception staff, practice manager, nurses and occupational therapist are available to you if you have queries, concerns or just want to ask what to expect.

Mr Blake has a policy of seeing and assessing all plastic surgery patients personally. Where other clinics employ a nurse or GP to screen patients, “protecting” the busy surgeon's time, I believe that close attentive planing personalised by the surgeon is crucial for top quality  results.

In the office there is a minor operating facility allowing on site management of many conditions. Many aesthetic treatments are available directly in the office.

Two other surgeons, Ian Carlisle and Nicholas Houseman, consult from the same rooms meaning we all stay up-to-date and that complex problems can be discussed and addressed in a collaborative environment.

Please mention to Mr Blake that you saw this website page.  Your comments are always especially welcome!

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Mr William Blake

The information on this page is of a general nature and results of surgery can vary.  You should not rely only on information provided here but should make further enquiries about whether surgery is right for you and whether the risks of surgery are acceptable to you.

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