Abdominoplasty - Liposuction

Abdominoplasty is one of Mr Blake’s favourite operations because it can make such a big difference to an individual’s life. Common situations like the post-baby tummy and the laxity after weight loss lead people to think about having that unwanted loose skin addressed. Every operation is tailored but typically there are four parts to an abdominoplasty:

  • Liposuction. Either a little or a lot as the situation demands.
  • Skin reduction. Through a low abdominal incision the unneeded skin is removed creating a flatter and tighter tummy.
  • Muscle tightening. Especially post pregnancy the abdominal muscles often stretch and separate. This ‘divarication’ causes the baby belly: loss of shape, bulging and weakness. Correction of this can dramatically improve shape and contour.
  • Repositioning the belly button. 


Why has my body changed shape?

Under the skin, dramatic changes in the structure of the abdominal wall occur through life and particularly through pregnancy.  The rigid rectus muscles, the 'six pack', drift apart from on another allowing the youthful flat stomach to become rounder.  Exercise, physiotherapy, pilates and sensible weight control can address this to some degree but often the restoration of muscle position can be the greatest single achievement in an abdominoplasty.

What will my recovery involve?

Every patient is different but typically two nights in hospital is followed by a very gentle first week at home. Everyone feels tight and uncomfortable during this period but each day is better than the one before. Depending on your job, between two and four weeks off may be required. More time may be needed before resuming some sports or active persuits to make sure the abdominal muscles are fully healed.

What will the incision be like?

Mr Blake will illustrate where your incision will be and this can be planned with your preferences in mind. Generally the incision sits under swimwear or underwear. The character of the wound varies from person to person and, like any wound, settles progressively with time.

Abdominoplasty - "Tummy Tuck" Removal of excess tummy or stomach fat & skin after major weight loss or post pregnancy is a common procedure and helps give you a firmer flat looking tummy or stomach. (Plastic Surgery Liposuction).

After massive weight loss, pregnancy or just the trials of life, excess abdominal skin is often successfully addressed with contouring surgery, specifically abdominoplasty. Various techniques including mini-abdominoplasty, high lateral tension, high medial tension and extended abdominoplasty all have their place and are tailored to the patient’s needs. Many women seeking abdominoplasty may be interested in breast lift or liposuction and frequently combined procedures are planned.

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Mr William Blake

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