Who is William Blake?

I am a locally trained and educated plastic and reconstructive surgeon. I have a busy private practice based at Cabrini hospital in Malvern, Victoria, from which I care for a broad range of reconstructive and cosmetic patients.

I adopt as my core professional values:

  • Individualised personal care,
  • A focus on happy patients,
  • Consistency and confidentiality.

I have made a decision to carry out all patient consultations personally rather than to employ 'screening' staff. I feel this adds to a sense of trust and personal involvement and I hope you do too. I live close to the Cabrini Hospital, am married and have two young girls.

Where do you operate?

I operate at two private hospitals.  These are Cabrini hospital, Malvern and Cotham Private hospital, Kew.  Cabrini is a large institution with a full range of facilities including a dedicated plastic surgery ward, an intensive care unit and an emergency department.  It provides superlative care for patients with complex needs.  Cotham private is a boutique hospital on a much smaller scale providing recently upgraded facilities for plastic surgery patients.  Cotham may provide an intimate, private feel important to certain patients.

What qualifications do you have?

There is no requirement for doctors performing cosmetic procedures to have specific qualifications in Australia so watch out and ask!  Many doctors performing cosmetic surgery have no surgical qualifications.  I have an honours medical degree from the University of Melbourne and a Plastic Surgery Fellowship from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. I participate in courses, conferences and teaching regularly to stay fresh and up-to-date.

What experience do you have?

Having qualified as a doctor in 1997, I have been working exclusively in Plastic Surgery since 2003 and I have developed my key interests in skin malignancy, breast surgery and hands from that time on.  I joined the established practice at Cabrini Hospital in 2007.

I have included a link to a full CV here.

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Mr William Blake

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