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Hi, I'm William Blake and this site is here to let you know a little about me and the work that I do. I am a Melbourne based plastic surgeon with a focused cosmetic and reconstructive surgery practice. To help you find what you want, I've provided pages on my principal procedures and tried to answer your most frequent questions. I'd encourage you to contact me for further information or an appointment if you still have questions - and everyone does!


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My main cosmetic interests include breast surgery (breast reduction &breast augmentation), abdominoplastynose surgery (rhinoplasty) andnon-surgical injectibles. I also perform a large number of hand operations each year including carpal tunnel release and have a special professional interest in melanoma and other skin cancer surgery.

Please take you time to read what interests you and remember, I would love to read your feedback.

Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons
The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
American Society of Plastic Surgeons

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Mr William Blake

The information on this page is of a general nature and results of surgery can vary.  You should not rely only on information provided here but should make further enquiries about whether surgery is right for you and whether the risks of surgery are acceptable to you.

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