The term fillers refers to a range of materials, natural or synthetic, used for augmentation of contour in any of a number of sites around the body.  In Mr Blake's practice the preferred fillers are the hyaluronics and natural fat.  The hyaluronics are biocompatible, injectible agents which are available off the shelf for a range of indications including lip augmentation, filling tear troughs and addressing asymmetry.  Injections are performed as an office procedure without the need for general anaesthesia. All hyaluronic fillers are broken down by the body over months.  Their safety profile has proven to be very attractive compared to other fillers on the market, especially collagen.

Autologous fat, fat obtained by liposuction and used for injection into the same patient, provides a plentiful source of material for more extensive and often permanent contour alteration.  Mr Blake will discuss whether this technique may be useful in achieving your desires.  Treatment requires a trip to theatre and, typically, a general anaesthetic.

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Mr William Blake

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