Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation or colloquially a boob job, is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures. The surgery is popular because it addresses concerns about small breast size and asymmetry which result in embarrassment.  Women typically describe a lack of confidence, feeling less attractive and being limited in clothing choices with their smaller breasts. For some, these concerns lead them to investigate augmentation early in life before having children. Another group of women aim to address the breast changes associated with pregnancy and breast feeding which often results in a loss of the previously satisfactory size or shape.

Mr Blake sees women with a variety of concerns and aims to develop a tailored and individual plan for each. Over at least two consultations Mr Blake will work with you to determine your individual needs and expectations and to go over every aspect of your breast implant surgery, including incision placement, implant selection and appropriate size. All patients are encouraged to be well informed and to have all their questions answered before booking a procedure. A few of the most frequent questions are answered here:

Who chooses breast augmentation?

Mr Blake sees three broad categories of patients requesting breast enhancement. Do any of these sound like you?

Firstly women who have always been unsatisfied with their breast size, who have often felt from their teenage years that an augmentation may be an option for them. Some of these patients wait years before seeking a surgical consultation and they are often really well informed and knowledgeable. A personalised, reassuring consultation can address any outstanding concerns and lead to development of an appropriate and reliable plan.

The second group are women who have usually had one or more children and wish to restore some aspect of the breast shape and size that they had previously. Often the breasts have lost volume and the shape has suffered over time. An augmentation may address these issues very nicely although some individuals may need a breast lift (mastopexy) separately.

The third substantial group of patients are just after a little more than nature gave them. Often they will describe their existing breasts as "pretty good" but they would love a little more projection, cleavage or volume. This is often felt as a desire to wear certain clothes or swimwear which just don't suit their pre-op figure. A consultation will focus on establishing a clear understanding of your goals, careful discussion of risks and benefits and finally implant selection.

What sort of implants do you use?

There are two main types of implant filling material available: silicone and saline. Generally silicone is preferred because of its tactile qualities - it is soft without the tendency to ripple like saline implants. Silicone implants are available in both round and tear drop (anatomical) shapes. You may read about 'gummy bear' implants on US sites when they mention these implants. Mr Blake will happily discuss how the technical pros and cons relate to your particular situation.

Have a look at the manufacturer's information site here: Natrelle by Allergan (external link.)

What size is right for me?

This is a crucial question and is always the subject of lots of discussion and planning in the consultations. Here are a few general points:

  • This is a very personal decision and no two people need to come to the same conclusion.
  • Your body size, particularly the width of your chest will influence the appropriate implant size.
  • Smaller implants tend to be more 'natural' looking while bigger changes can be more discernable.
  • Time spent choosing and planning is important because changing implants involves further surgery, risk and expense.

Round or tear drop, textured or smooth?

These questions refer to choices about implant selection and each decision has pros and cons. Only once Mr Blake starts planning a particular procedure for a particular woman do all these choices fall into place allowing an individualised plan to be developed

What will the recovery time be?

Most women will feel tight and sore in the days after their breast augmentation but each passing day tends to be better than the one before.  Office workers may plan on having two weeks off while women with more strenuous employment may need longer.  Of course, everyone is different and the time required for recovery may vary considerably.

Recovery is aided by a supportive garment and keeping shoulders and arms moving and supple.

Can I breast feed after an augmentation?

Usually yes. The ducts and glands involved in breast feeding lie above your implant and will typically work just as before

Can I have a mammogram?

Yes. The mammogrgaphy radiographers see lots of women with implants and the study will not damage your implants. Occasionally extra images will be taken to ensure the best examination of all the breast tissue.

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